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Other Commercial Cleaning

Evo commercial cleaning services are now offering upholstery cleaning to commercial clients, it is common to find that over time chairs and curtains etc become dirty greasy and dusty. Many companies just put up with this but you don’t have to anymore as we now offer, on top of our office and other business establishment cleaning services, upholstery cleaning. The service is similar to our new carpet cleaning service, it uses very much the same kind of techniques and equipment , and by using this service you can ensure that you chairs and other upholstery in your hotels restaurants office and shops stay looking their best but also the furniture within them is looking very clean and classy. The service does not currently include leather cleaning but this is something Evo are looking into and hope to be able to offer this cleaning service as well in the near future. We use a special wet spray system that works through the fibres to ensure all dirt and grime is removed to guarantee your upholstery is looking as good, clean and new as it was on the first day you bought it. You’ll be surprised at the difference it gives to hotel rooms and restaurants – your customers will really notice the difference and know that they’re in the right place; somewhere that takes pride in their clean surroundings.

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