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Consolidating Your Cleaning Contracts

A great way for larger companies with a number of offices across the city or further afield to save money is to consolidate the cleaning work at these disparate locations into one larger, more dynamic and cost effective contract. Evo can provide an expert cleaning service at a vastly reduced cost. This is because our costs are lowered; the specific cleaning chemicals and materials that are needed to clean your offices can be bought in bulk, allowing them to be provided at a far lower cost. Also, the very size of the contract is acknowledged and represented by Evo in the lower cost. One of the main reasons that we are able to do this is because of the more simple and efficient management of the office cleaning service that can be put into place. Efficiency is also improved. When staff absences occur, cleaners who work in a similar environment can be moved to cover those who are away.

In the past there was less call for this kind of consolidation. Although cost cutting is always a good practice, regardless of profits, in times of high turn-over and profit, managers have often been left to organise their own maintenance and cleaning, often in the least time consuming manner possible, in order to focus more intensively on making money. When the economy has made business less lucrative, however, cost cutting becomes very important. This means that now is the time to consolidate your office cleaning contracts.

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