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Evo Cleaning Deep Cleaning Services

Contract cleaning and office cleaning services in Soho London. Evo provide a range of cleaning services to a number of clients in and around the Soho London area, from restaurants to offices, our staff are working around the clock to keep businesses clean. Our new service is deep kitchen cleaning, this involves daily deep cleaning in the kitchen area of busy restaurants, helping to keep the restaurant clean and ready for service every day. We use a variety of professional cleaning products designed for use in a kitchen environment, which are food safe and kill 99.9% of bacteria. When using oven cleaner to remove burnt on and carbonised deposits we recommend heating the surface before hand, as cleaning services are up to twice as effective on a hot surface than on cold. Always remember your PPE (personal protective equipment) when using oven cleaners. We recommend the use of industrial quality gauntlets, these make it far safer when cleaning in kitchens, as well as use of goggles to protect the eyes and face masks to ensure there is no chance of inhaling, spray based oven cleaners. Our contract cleaning service includes provision of all PPE for our staff to use, as well as cosh sheets for all daily cleaning chemicals. We have now developed our restaurant and kitchen cleaning services to provide a service that is second to none.

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