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Hail Henry!

I have been a cleaner for Evo commercial cleaning services for a number of years now and the cleaning equipment and chemicals are constantly being updated for more efficient and up to date consumables to ensure the highest quality commercial cleaning services. Throughout the swapping and selecting of various other cleaning equipment from micro fibre cleaning cloths to the newest and most eco-friendly floor cleaning detergent, one brand of our many products has stayed consistent due to its constant reliability, ease of use and efficiency, we have always stayed faithful to the Henry vacuum cleaner. Henry vacuum cleaners have been around longer than any of us can remember and have always been a cleaning favourite, with its vibrant red and smiley face it is well known and very popular. The price is very reasonable too, and in comparison to other popular but more expensive brands of vacuum cleaners on the markets; the Henry offers tonnes more of the quality you expect for the price. Its light and user friendly build (with a usefully long cable and no annoying sticky out bits) is perfect for the Evo office, school and restaurant cleaning staff, vacuuming hundreds of square metres every day . The suction is strong and efficient with new models having a different power options giving and extra boost of suction for that extra tough dirt and grime. For all us Eco-friendly fanatics, the Henry is known for its low wattage and with its economy setting we are reducing our carbon footprint even more as well as saving the pennies on the electricity bill. I swear by this vacuum cleaner not only when working for Evo commercial cleaning services but at home too!

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