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Things To Consider When Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Regular cleaning for your workplace is an essential investment for the wellbeing and safety of both your employees and your clientele. Without regular cleaning, your company’s image and reputation can become tarnished, resulting in a loss of revenue, and in extreme cases, resulting in your business getting shut down by the health inspectors.

Whether you are looking for hotel cleaners or office cleaners, choosing a great service takes careful consideration of your business’s specific needs. This article will outline some key features to look out for, to ensure that the quality of the cleaning service you opt for is of the highest standard.

Account Managers As A Great Point of Contact

When you’re in the process of hiring cleaners, you may not necessarily be aware of all the ‘little’ tasks that need doing in order to achieve a thorough clean.That is why signing a cleaning contract with a dedicated account manager on board is a great idea.

An account manager will help you draw up a plan of action that is tailored to meet your cleaning needs and communicated effectively to the cleaning staff, so they can work to the best of their abilities.

A cleaning service that also conducts regular audits to maintain standards of health and safety will also ensure that you are getting the most for your money. Circumstances might change or you may suffer a cleaning emergency that requires urgent attention, with an account manager trained to deal with these kinds of mishaps, these issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively, taking the stress off you.

Great Training To Cleaning Staff

Most, if not all cleaning companies will have trained cleaning staff on board, but a really good cleaning service will commit to continuous training to ensure their staff are up to date with the latest cleaning equipment and hygiene legislation.

Health and Safety training, as well as standard cleaning training, is also an essential part of the job description. A professional cleaning company needs to instil this in all of its staff, in order to provide businesses with peace of mind when it comes to workplace accidents and the like.

The Ability To Do ‘The Tough Jobs’

Choosing a commercial cleaning company with a wide range of services on offer will ensure that you can, not only get your every-day standard of cleanliness perfect, but tackle the ‘tougher ‘deep cleans’ that need to be carried out every now and then. Check that the cleaning company you opt for can do floor cleaning as well as carpets and windows. Having the carpets in your office steam cleaned, for example, can make your workplace feel like a brand new space.

Cost Of Consumables Included

Not every business owners wants to worry about the cost of the consumable cleaning products and equipment as a separate issue when hiring cleaners. That’s why it is always wise to check if your cleaning service covers the cost of consumables and equipment in their price.

A good cleaning company will offer toilet paper and hand towel supplies as well as other washroom consumables such as sanitary disposal bins, urinal blocks and air fresheners. Refuse sacks and other kitchen cleaning supplies (such as washing up liquid and scourers), as well as health and safety items (such as gloves and shoe protectors), are all things that need to be accounted for. A professional cleaner will ensure that you never have to run out of these items in your premises.

If you would like to find out how you can reduce the amount of sick days your employees take when you hire professional cleaners, take a look at this office cleaning calculator and give one our friendly team a call.

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