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Office Cleaning in London – A quarterly deep clean goes an awfully long way!

In the many years that we here at Evo Cleaning Services have been servicing the office workplaces of London, we have been lucky enough to work in some pretty smart buildings. As a global hub for so many modern industries, London boasts some of the finest offices and office buildings around. But whether your office is based on the top floor of one of the city’s shining metropolitan monoliths, or somewhere a bit closer to the ground and rather less glamorous, one simple and perennial truth remains: there is nothing quite like an occasional office deep clean to keep the place feeling marvellous.

Whilst a well run office cleaning service will take care of the daily build up of dust, dirty mugs, crumbs from the day’s trips to Gregg’s (or the kitchen) and of course rubbish, there are a few areas that will always benefit from a quarterly scrub. The usual suspects when it comes to an office spring clean are...

  • Dirt under furniture and other objects, such as photocopier machines

  • Carpets that may need to be given some attention to bring them back to their former glory, particularly in high-traffic areas.

  • Skirting boards, again particularly in high traffic areas, a build up of dirt over time is easily removed.

  • Washroom floors. That slightly iffy smell coming from the gents probably isn’t the toilet itself or even the urinals, but more than likely a floor that is in need of a heavy scrub.

Evo Cleaning Services' London office cleaning service often includes a quarterly deep cleaning at no extra cost as part of our London office cleaning service. Let us get the place looking and feeling great so you can get on with the more important things!

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