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Pets Make Mess!

It is always important that you deal with animal soiling in a timely fashion, if it is not treated correctly in quick enough time there is always a high risk of bacteria, and these are the type of bacteria that cause very bad odours and you will need a contract or commercial cleaning company to clean up for you. There are a number of products on the commercial cleaning market to combat this but none of them will have the desired effect unless you act quickly. The most common type of pet soiling is cat or dog urine on carpets of rugs this can be easily removed if treated with the correct product. It’s always best to test the product on your carpet first in an area where nobody is likely to see just to ensure that the cleaner does not cause the colour to run. The best products are the ones which neutralise the smell i.e. not just air fresheners but cleaners and neutralisers. These kinds of cleaning products are available from most supermarkets but if you give us a call we will also be able to provide you with a range of cleaning products suitable for use in a domestic setting, and of professional quality to ensure you don’t have to pay for a commercial cleaning company to come and do it for you.

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