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Red Nose Cleaners

Evo commercial cleaning services London are celebrating Red Nose day by having all of our cleaners going to work in red, they can wear what they like a long as its suitable to work in and its red, we have yet to decide what other things we might get up to, to save money. We are hoping to raise lots of money from our cleaners, in office hotels and restaurants around the south-east. If you would like to make a suggestion as to what else we could do please send us a message. Our cleaning services we be as per normal. Our cleaners who carry out our cleaning services have all so far said they are very happy to participate in what we are calling red nose cleaners, if your business is interested in our red nose commercial cleaning services please give us a call and we will be happy to help. We are also thinking of offering extra cleaning services on red nose day and all the money raised from that will go towards red nose charities and this will be completely voluntary to the cleaners, offering commercial cleaning services for charity and giving away the earnings. Evo are keep to support red nose day and the charities it supports. So you can be happy in the knowledge you have charitable contact cleaners in London.

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