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Top 5 Rooms Trashed By Rock Stars

It’s every hotel owner’s nightmare and every would-be hedonist’s dream – an evening (or perhaps several) of decadent partying, resulting in the wanton destruction of £1000-a-night luxury suites. After all, nothing adds to rebellious rock-star cool like a little light property damage. From TVs thrown out of windows to cherry-bombed bathrooms (yes, really), here are some of the most memorably trashed hotel rooms – courtesy of some of the most famous names in musical history.

Jimi Hendrix What is it about musicians and drugs? More importantly, what is it with drugs and trashing hotel rooms? While under the influence, Hendrix went on a rampage in his Stockholm hotel room which resulted in his arrest, a fine, and an injury to his right hand. You’d think one of the world’s most famous guitar players would be more careful.

Billy Idol At first glance, Billy Idol’s $20, 000 worth of damage to his suites at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok seems a little excessive. But if you compare it to the $250, 000 tab he ran up during his stay, then suddenly that first figure looks a lot less hefty. Apparently the famous musician didn’t give up his den of debauchery quietly – rumour has it he had to be tranquilised and removed from the premises. What a lovely story for the grandkids.

Amy Winehouse Turns out messing up hotel rooms can be counted among Amy Winehouse’s many questionable exploits. Most famously, the damage she wreaked on her room in the Sanderson Hotel in London came up to about $18,000. Cleaning services had to deal with blood on the walls – a far more sinister job than the spaghetti Bolognese that had to be cleaned off her previous hotel room in Munich.

Ozzy Osbourne You might have never listened to a Black Sabbath song, but you’ve probably heard the one about the time Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat when he was on tour. And his apparent lack of affinity with animals didn’t stop there; during what must have been a particularly memorable party, Ozzy supposedly dismembered a shark and sprayed its blood around a hotel room. We don’t envy his cleaning bill... or the cleaners.

Keith Moon Keith Moon’s hotel-partying antics purportedly got him and the rest of The Who banned from all Holiday Inns. But to be honest, it’s surprising any hotel would have him given famous reports his tendencies to drive cars into hotel pools and blow up toilets with cherry bombs. You know it’s bad when you have to call in a plumber and possibly a whole construction team to deal with the aftermath. Heard any other sensational stories about monstrously messy musicians? Share them in the comments!

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