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The Most Shocking Tripadvisor Comments About London Hotels

“Blood-spattered walls, mould growing everywhere and bedbugs. This hotel should not even be running it breaks so many health and safety regulations.”

These are just a few customer comments on Tripadvisor for some of the most disgusting hotels London has to offer. With London being one of the most expensive cities in the world, you would expect the standard of hotel cleanliness to at least be reasonable, even if you are only after a cheap room for the night. These five places, it appears have no such standards and could certainly do with a visit from our cleaners.

Earls Court Gardens Hotel This hotel in Earls Court has 91 reviews on Tripadvisor, 77 of which rated it terrible overall. One customer said, “You’d need balls of steel to subject yourself to stand under the lime scale infested shower head,” and was awoken at 5am by the sound of a mouse rustling in a waste paper basket. Needless to say he didn’t get back to sleep again that night. To make matters even worse, the two cleaning staff he spotted working at this hotel had missed the female hygiene pad stuck to the side of his hotel room TV. Revolting!

The Lonsdale Hotel The Lonsdale advertises itself as the ‘perfect family friendly hotel’ with bags of character, but David from Newbury thought it looked completely ‘unloved’ and ‘run down.’ An opinion shared by the other 111 reviewers who all rated it terrible. Many people noted the ‘squat-like’ ambience of the place, with one visitor describing it as a ‘post-apocalyptic junkie den,’ complete with syringes under the beds and dead cockroaches in the sink. One tourist from Barcelona had even found the shared bathrooms so mould-ridden and unsafe that she waited until she got to a local cafe to use the toilet.

Gresham Hotel The Gresham Hotel in Camden has 112 bad reviews from former visitors. All of whom would advise staying anywhere else in London, or failing that, kipping on a park bench. The ‘paper-thin’ walls of the hotel bedrooms are said to be covered in graffiti and ‘every surface has a thick coating of dust’ on it. Gen from Hertfordshire thinks that, ‘the place needs more than a lick of paint to make it bearable,’ and Bridgette from Yeovil would agree with her. She found her hotel telephone covered in blood and ‘god knows what the carpet was covered in.’

Cromwell Crown Hotel This Chelsea hotel has 110 traveller photos on their Tripadvisor page depicting holes in mattresses, messages scrawled in thick layers of dust and general filth in every corner. The hotel has 196 terrible ratings on the site and is reported by many to smell mouldy and be completely dilapidated in appearance. However the hotel is said to be undergoing renovations at the moment, clearly this can’t come soon enough, as one visitor from Ipswich couldn’t bear to stay for longer than one minute after a rat leapt out of the wardrobe at her during her brief visit.

Park Hotel The Park Hotel in Victoria has 240 terrible reviews on Tripadvisor and many travellers complained that they felt cheated by management during their stay. One reviewer found filthy stained towels in their room that ‘looked like they were harbouring some sort of horrific disease.’ Another tourist from Finland was actually hospitalized after her stay at the Park Hotel; she was severely bitten by bedbugs. Others have reported finding blood spattered on walls and bed sheets. When one traveller found a rat trap outside the building, he joked that this measure was ‘unnecessary’ as, ‘No self-respecting rat would stay in this place.’

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