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Sanitary Services And The Carbon Cycle!

Evo cleaning services now provide a sanitary disposal service as a part of our office e cleaning London service. It is the obligation of all employers and entertainment premises to provide sanitary disposal options to female employees and clients in the ladies’ room. Disposal of this sanitary waste must, by law be carried out by a registered and approved waste carrier. We now offer this service through our suppliers, who are registered to carry this kind of sanitary waste. Evo can also offer sanitary hardware for toilets. Items such as soap dispensers, hand driers, paper towel dispensers, vending machines providing sanitary products, condoms and mints are also available.

Whilst paper towel dispensers remain an option in all public and commercial restrooms, the fact is that they are less environmentally friendly, as for all types of paper, trees have to be cut down. Trees are important for the environment and the health of our planet, as the process of photosynthesis, by which all trees derive their energy and grow, uses up carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen as a bi-product; hence the common name for the rainforests of the Amazon, the ‘lungs of the earth’. Trees use carbon dioxide as their source of carbon, which is the basic element of life, and makes up the vast majority of what a tree is made of. In this way trees lock carbon dioxide away. Of course, air hand driers are not entirely green themselves, as they use electricity, which is predominately created by the burning of fossil fuels. However they remain the lesser of two evils.

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