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7 Things In Your Home Office That You’re Probably Neglecting To Clean

Whether you’ve got kids to look after or are simply working on a freelance basis, chances are you’re not working at home because you’ve got loads of free time. In an office building, professional office cleaners are brought in on a regular basis to take care of things like keeping the kitchen clean, the bathrooms sparkling, and the carpet freshly shampooed. But when you’re at home, it can be easy to let things like that fall by the wayside. Yet letting grime and germs build up can have a negative effect on your health and productivity – as if working unsupervised right by your bedroom and TV isn’t hard enough! Here are a few of your home office items that may not be getting the TLC they deserve:

Keyboard & Mouse You use your computer every day. Maybe you even eat at your desk. And you’ve probably sat down to work even when you’re ill. So bearing all that in mind, how often do you clean your mouse and keyboard? Both items are breeding grounds for bacteria for all the aforementioned reasons, yet the importance of regularly cleaning them tends to go unnoticed in favour of clearing away more discernible desk clutter or debris. In office buildings, kitchens and bathrooms are often cleaner than the average desk with its accompanying electronics, because more attention is paid to communal areas. Always disinfect your mouse and clean your keyboard – you don’t want months and months’ worth of germs building up, do you?

Stationery Do you nibble on your pen as you contemplate a problem? Perhaps you’re accustomed to twirling a ruler around idly as you think, or chewing on the end of a pencil. So if you’ve got a little cup full of pens and other assorted forms of stationery, it may be a breeding ground for germs – especially if your kids are prone to wandering into your office area to borrow a pen. Try to refrain from bringing your stationery in contact with your mouth, if you can.

Phone Whether you’re using a mobile phone or have got your own land line in your office, the question remains: how often do you clean it? Mobile phones especially can get disgustingly germy since they tend to be used so often and cleaned so little – but even a standard landline phone should be wiped down regularly, what with all the bacteria that tends to build up on the mouthpiece and buttons.

Door Handle & Light Switches However many people you live with (or even if you live by yourself), door handles and light switches are such common points of contact that people often don’t even consider how much nastiness can build up on them. Whether you’ve got kids or flatmates, it’s best not to take it for granted that they wash their hands properly and/or aren’t about to fall ill. Keep those handles and switches squeaky clean.

Bag/Wallet This is less of a standard office item, but you probably have your bag and/or your wallet close by as you work. And bags are pretty filthy things. Think about it: you cart them around with you everywhere, you put them on the floor of your car, the bus, the train - it stands to reason you probably shouldn’t be too cavalier about leaving them on your clean, disinfected desk.

If you’ve been neglecting the above items, best break out the cleaning wipes!

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