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Health & Safety

We feel that we have a responsibility towards both the people we employ and anyone affected by our work, to protect their health and keep them safe.

That our staff most commonly work within premises that are not directly under our control, means that an important part of our Health & Safety policy is in co-operating fully with clients in all Health and Safety matters.

We consider it our job to familiarise ourselves with all relevant policies and procedures that our clients have in place, and inform our staff of these before they start work.

Risk Assessment

Our approach to Risk Assessment is continuous. This means that an assessment takes place at each of the sites where we work at set intervals.

On top of this, we establish clear routes of communication for our cleaning staff, encouraging them to voice any concerns or ideas they may have regarding safety, and, where appropriate, incorporate these into the next Risk Assessment along with new precautions in the workplace.

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Staff COSHH Safety Training

Staff training is an important part of the way that EVO is run. All of our staff receive COSHH safety training, which covers the hazards of the cleaning products they use, the correct way to use safety equipment and what to do in an emergency. At every location where we work, COSHH sheets for all cleaning chemicals used are kept in the same storage area as the chemicals themselves.

PAT Testing

All electrical equipment used by our staff is tested and maintained on a regular basis, in line with the relevant legislation.

Fire Safety

EVO staff follow the relevant fire safety procedures of each site at which we work, for example by signing in and out at the start and end of each shift, so that, in the case of fire, the emergency services can determine exactly who is and is not inside the premises. Our staff are also briefed on fire safety information, such as fire assembly points, for the building(s) in which they work.

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