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Quality Assurance

It is important to have a clear idea of the plan that your cleaning contractors have in place to ensure a quality, consistent service. With Evo this is achieved in the following ways:

Personal Account Management system

Every one of our new clients is assigned an Account Manager, who is available any time directly on their mobile phone and by e-mail.

Account Managers are our clients’ point of contact should any issues arise. In addition they are responsible for bi-monthly audits of the cleaning work being carried out and, ultimately, take personal responsibility for the standard of cleaning being delivered.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are sent out to clients on a monthly basis, and provide an opportunity for any comments about the service they receive. All customer satisfaction surveys make their way directly and privately to senior management. Any all issues are addressed directly.

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End of Month Meetings

We encourage meetings between account managers and clients at the end of each month to discuss the results of both audits and any issues raised in the customer satisfaction survey. Any suggestions or concerns are then responded to in a clear and structured fashion.

Our Staff and Staffing structure

All of our cleaners are assigned to specific projects, meaning that they are familiar with the location and aware of any issues raised in the past. This is important for both quality assurance and health and safety. We provide our staff with in-depth training in cleaning methods.

We draw up a staffing structure to fit the requirements of each project we work on. For smaller locations, we employ a "working supervisor", responsible for the day to day management of staff, as well as communication with the client, whilst contributing to the cleaning themselves.

In larger premises the staffing structure is expanded but remains simple; working supervisors manage a team of cleaners, who are assigned an area to work on. These supervisors report to one or more site managers, whose job it is to take responsibility for the daily management of the contract and who, in turn, report to the account manager.

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