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Hotel Cleaning

EVO offer an expert housekeeping service, with a simple per-room pricing system, as well as cleaning throughout the rest of the hotel.

We use the latest cleaning technology and our staff receive full training for every job assigned to them.

Our service always includes:


Our cost-effective housekeeping service is underpinned by years of experience. We know that guests at any hotel have extremely high expectations for the room in which they will stay, and we offer a service to enable you to meet these expectations every day of the year.

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Our housekeeping is efficient, effective and non-disruptive, leaving hotel rooms spotless and perfectly arranged. Our staff will take the time to familiarise themselves with your hotel’s particular room layout plan, enabling them to leave each room just as you like it.

In the bar and Restaurant areas

We provide a thorough clean each day, ensuring that the carpet is entirely crumb-free, and those problem areas where dust and cobwebs can appear have been checked, leaving the whole area with a fresh feel to it.

In the kitchen

EVO are available to carry out both daily cleaning and occasional deep cleans. We have the tools and the cleaning chemicals to break through the layers of grease that build up in kitchens over time.

Post-Function cleaning

We also offer a flexible post-function cleaning service, to cater for venues where events such as weddings and other parties are held. This service has a competitive and completely transparent pricing system based upon the number of hours worked.

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