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School Cleaning

At Evo we clean in schools of all sizes, from nurseries and primary schools, to city academies, colleges and universities, providing a professional, quality assured service that is cost effective and environmentally aware. We understand that every school, college and university is unique, and we take the time to draw up a plan to cover every aspect of our work before we start any new project.

Call us on the number above and we will arrange to send a member of our friendly team to carry out a free, no-obligation survey of your premises. We will then be able to provide you with a quotation, along with a detailed plan of how Evo would manage your cleaning.

An alternative to local authority Service Level Agreements

Often head teachers and site managers find that the cleaning they receive through their local SLA is of a poor quality and managed in a very complacent way. As an alternative, Evo offer a fuller service with a highly competitive pricing system.

Our client-centred service focuses on:

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How do we approach a new project?

Experience has taught us that the key to delivering consistently high standards is in thorough planning, which is why we draw up an explicit plan detailing how we will approach and maintain our work at each location where we work. The plan covers:

We will work with you, incorporating any requirements and ideas that you provide.

Our Staff

Our staff are uniformed and, if required, wear identification badges when on site. We hire experienced and proven cleaning staff and provide them with training that is specific to the location where they work. Where necessary, CRB background checks are carried out on all individuals employed in a location where minors are present.

All of our cleaning operatives undergo a two-phase training program. In the first instance this training places emphasis on COSHH and Health and Safety, teaching staff about the risks involved with the products they will employ, the correct usage of Personal Protective Equipment, and what to do in an emergency, in-line with all the relevant legislation. The second part of the program is specific to the location at which the staff member works, and involves on-the-job instruction in cleaning techniques, to ensure that our cleaning is to the highest standards.

The cleaning products we use

The products that we choose depend upon the location at which they will be used. We have worked closely with our suppliers in order to put together a series of cleaning products that are suitable for schools. If required, we also have a range of products that are not classified under the Chemicals (Hazards, Information and Packaging) for supply (CHIP) regulations, ideal for use in nurseries and primary schools.

At Evo we feel that we also have a responsibility to take environmental issues into account when choosing the products we use. More information is available on our environment page.

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